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Translation of specialized articles

Translate specialized articles at the most reasonable cost and in the shortest time


Suggest new topics for master's and doctoral dissertations along with base article


Suggest new topics for senior proposal along with essay writing


Dissertation Consulting Scientific and Research Group “Aryotz” active in the field of research activities with several years of research experience in the field of dissertation, proposal writing, acceptance and publication of scientific research articles and publication of ISI articles, conference papers, proposals and dissertations Writing and conferences for doctoral interview preparation, coding and simulation, statistical analysis, specialized translation, teaching courses and specialized software, etc.… and with experienced staff from graduates of top universities in Iran, including: Science and Technology, Shahid Beheshti, Allameh Tabatabai, Tarbiat Modares and… ”are ready to vote Of any services to students in different grades in different fields of engineering, humanities, sciences and medicine.

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Consultation request

Virtual classes

With the help of university professors, this group has set up virtual classes. By participating in these classes, you can participate in these classes anywhere in the world, and by strengthening yourself in the courses in which you have participated. Move towards your goal with strength

Advice for dissertations and proposals

Advice for students abroad for dissertations and prostheses of all academic disciplines in European countries and Canada and the Persian Gulf, this consultation is done with the best university professors that you can easily study in all Continue, countries, and take our counselors with you with ease

Big bookstore and booklet

By visiting our store, you will be confronted with one of the strongest specialized book banks in all academic disciplines, which will help you achieve your goal. This collection has the best specialized books that have been collected by our professor.

Holding reinforcement seminars

One of our outstanding services is holding reinforcement seminars for all students in all fields in associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, in which you can participate in these seminars with the latest academic methods in the specified courses.

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آقای دکتر بصیر ملکی مشاور دکترا - مشاور کاردانی - مشاور کارشناسی - مشاور کارشناسی ارشد
آقای دکتر آیت هندالیان پور مشاور دکترا - مشاور کاردانی - مشاور کارشناسی - مشاور کارشناسی ارشد

New seminars

Holding our latest training seminars